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Gaining Subscribers

Tell your users to Yo you at and what they should expect when they get your Yo’s, for example "Yo me at WORLDCUP and I’ll Yo you when a goal is scored!" To make this process easier, you can Create a Yo button.

Send A Yo To All Subscribers

A POST request with the "api_token" parameter.

curl --data “api_token={{api_token}}” http://api.justyo.co/yoall/


Yo Individual Usernames

A POST request with the "api_token" AND "username" parameter.

curl --data “api_token={{api_token}}&username={{username}}” http://api.justyo.co/yo/


Count Total Subscribers

A GET request with the "api_token" parameter.

curl "http://api.justyo.co/subscribers_count/?api_token={{api_token}}"

NOTICE THE SLASH AFTER "subscribers_count"!

Receiving A Yo

The callback URL that you may change from the Dashboard will be used when you receive a Yo. The callback will be in the form of a GET request and the "username" parameter will contain the username of the user from whom the Yo is from.


Looking for sample projects to get you started? Check out the projects we've forked on GitHub. Make sure to email api@justyo.co with any questions you may have and don't forget to let us know when you make something awesome!